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Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches [itobiad],

In this Journal, articles and translation articles, texts and translations made in the fields of social sciences related to human and society (History, Culture and Art, Economic Administrative Sciences, Philosophy and Religious Studies) discussions and evaluations of scientific activities such as experimental, descriptive and theoretical studies; model recommendation, etc. writings are published.

The material submitted for publication may not be previously published or accepted for publication by another publisher.

Although the journal is published in Turkish, articles in foreign languages are also welcome.

Journal of the Human and Social Sciences Researches 4 (four) issues are published annually in January - February March / April, May, June / July, August, September / October, November, December.

Evaluation of Articles

Written articles to be published in the journal will be reviewed by the editorial board in terms of purpose, scope, content, method, and conformity to the writing rules. The work goes through plagiarism. The appropriate letters will be sent to two referees (Double blind peer review) in the field to be evaluated in terms of their scientific competence.

If the referee reports are positive, the study is published after the editorial review; In the event that one of the arbitrators reports negatively, the Editor or Editorial Board decides to publish the article. The work for which approval of publication is received is carried out at the time of publication. Referee reports are secret. The author (s) will be responded to during his / her studies.

The revision and improvement demanded by the referees must be implemented in order for an article to be published. Authors are informed within three months about the decision regarding the publication of their material.

Material submitted to the journal is not returned, even if it is not accepted for publication. Authors assume the responsibility of the article with regard to the style, content, scholarly value and legal aspects.

The material published in the journal is copyrighted; it cannot be used without proper reference.

Journal Articles sent for publication are first reviewed by the Editorial Board and Editorial Board. It is then forwarded to the Referees.

They declare their acceptance of the refereeing within 7 (seven) days. The submissions of the referees are 30 days of evaluation. The studies that are examined must definitely be in accordance with the publication policy of the magazine. The works accepted by the editor are published in the journal.

Writing Rules

Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches Writing Rules [ISSN: 2147-1185]

The material submitted for publication may not be previously published or accepted for publication by another publisher.

1. Title of the Article: The title should suit the content and express, and should be written in bold letters. in 12 Punto Palatino Linotype each word.

2. Author Name and Institution Information: Author name and institution information should not be written as they will go to the study referees who will be installed on the system. The article must be typed exactly as it appears in the Name, Surname, Organization Information (TR & ENG), email and Orcid ID before receiving the final approval.

3. Abstract: The article should include an abstract in Turkish at the beginning. The abstract should explain the topic clearly and concisely in a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 300 words. The abstract should not include references to sources, figures and charts. 

4. Keywords:  Keywords of 5 to 8 words should be placed at the end of the abstract. Each word of the keywords must be written in Capital letters and a comma must be used between them.

5. Body Text: The texts sent, pictures, maps etc. should not exceed 35 journal pages (9,000 words), including the attachments. Written letters should be written in A4 size with white space at the top, bottom, right 4 cm and 5 cm from the left side with "at least 12nk" line spacing, two sides, without line hyphenation and 10 points "Palatino Linotype" font. (For detailed and visual information, the "journal page layout example" should be looked at on the layout page.) However, the submitted tables, figures, pictures, graphics and the like should not exceed 12x17 cm in order for the magazine not to go beyond the page dimensions and to be easier to use. For this reason, tables, figures, pictures, graphics and so on. smaller points and single spacing can be used in the elements. The "APA" system will be used for footnotes and references.

6 Section Titles: In the article, main, intermediate and subtitles can be used in order to provide compatibility with the content. These headings should be written in Capitalized Word.

6. Tables and Figures: Tables should have numbers and captions. The tables, figures, pictures, graphics and the like sent to the journal must not exceed 12x17 cm in order for the magazine not to go beyond the page dimensions and to be used more easily. For this reason, tables, figures, pictures, graphics and so on. smaller points and single spacing can be used in the elements.

7. Pictures: Pictures should be attached to the articles scanned in high-resolution print quality. The same rules for figures and tables apply in naming pictures.

The number of pages for figures, tables and pictures should not exceed 10 pages (one-third of the article). Authors having the necessary technical equipment and software may themselves insert their figures, drawings and pictures into the text provided these are ready for printing.

8. Quotations and Citations: Direct quotations should be placed in quotation marks. Quotations shorter than 3 lines should be placed within the flowing text. If the quotation is longer that 3 lines, it should be turned into a block quote with a 1.5 cm indentation on the right and left, and the font size should be 9 punto. Footnotes and endnotes should be avoided as much as possible. They should only be used for essential explanations and should be numbered (Office Word) automatically.

10. Process: The articles sent for publication are passed through the stages of PRELIMINARY CONTROL, PREVENTION SCREENING, REFEREE ASSESSMENT and TURKISH-ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONTROL. The study, which has been examined three times during the Pre-Control phase, but cannot go through this process, is returned to the author and is not re-processed in the same publication period. Studies that pass the pre-control phase are included in the evaluation process in which at least two referees take part in the framework of the principle of double-sided blind review.

You can look for more information on Quotations and Resources.

All following aspects of Authors and their responsibilities are covered at journal’s website:

- All authors have significantly contributed to the research

- All authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes, in case of detection

- List of references should be provided by authors

- Information on financial support should be provided by authors

- Forbidden to publish same research in more than one journal

Note: If this journal is not published, the magazine is owned by DergiPark.

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