Copyright Agreement

Copyright Agreement 
1- The scientific and legal responsibility of the study published in İtobiad belongs to its author.
2- The article sent to İtobiad Journal is the original work of the author (s),
3- The relevant authors participated in this study individually and they took all the responsibility for this study,
4- All authors have seen and approved the final version of the submitted article, that the article has a plagiarism similarity rate of at most 20% after the rules of quotation are followed.
5- The article is not published elsewhere or presented for printing,
6- The text, figures and documents in the article do not violate the copyrights of other persons,
7- Will not be able to withdraw the article arbitrarily on the basis of disruption of the process while the referee process, which started after the editorial review on the submitted article, continues,
8- They accept and undertake to transfer their financial rights on the submitted article to the Journal of Human and Social Sciences Researches, in particular, all kinds of public transmission rights including processing, reproduction, representation, printing, publication, distribution and transmission via internet.
9- It cannot be partially or completely printed, reproduced or transferred to electronic media for commercial purposes without the permission of the publisher. It can be partially used in scientific studies without permission from the Editor, provided that the source is shown.
10- The anti-religious discourses and all kinds of articles that are legally accepted as criminal are not included in my work. I accept all criminal and legal sanctions if such articles are found.
11- The editors of the journal are responsible for whether the articles are published or not.
12- I will not charge any royalties if my work is published.
13- By submitting (UPLOADING) my work to the Journal of Human and Social Sciences Research, I accept the entire Copyright Agreement.
14- I / We hereby undertake that the Journal of Human and Social Sciences Research has no responsibility for claims or lawsuits to be filed by third parties due to copyright infringement and all responsibility belongs to the author (s). In addition, I / We undertake that there are no criminal elements or statements against the law in the article, that no illegal materials and methods are used during the research and that the ethical rules are followed.

Note: The Copyright Agreement is presented to you during the article upload for your acceptance. If you do not accept this agreement, we inform you that you cannot upload your article to the journal.

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